It's Party time!

The Unit 513 Christmas party will be held on Monday, December 8th at the Anaheim Bridge Club on Lemon St. The annual membership meeting will be held.

Food will be served at 6:30. A Unit Game will start at 7:00.

The Unit Bylaws will be voted on by Unit 513 members. There is a link to the new Bylaws l on this web page (and twice in this sentance!)

Click here for a copy of our flyer.

Welcome to our revamped Web Site!

Linda Trent - Webmaster - (714) 875 4244

A big thanks to my brother for creating this Website for us.  He started out by downsizing his Chicago website which supports 50+ clubs.  If you see any references to Chicago on our site, don't worry, we will find them all and remove them.

This is a brand new site so there may be some unexpected problems. Please let me know and they will get fixed ASAP!

I hope you enjoy our new site!

Proposed Unit 513 Bylaws

Your Unit Board has reviewed the existing Bylaws that were written in the early nineties.

New Bylaws have been written and approved by the Unit Board.

Please review these Bylaws before our Annual meeting.


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