Anaheim Sectional is almost upon us!!!

Unit 513 has planned a wonderful sectional for you to attend from April 17 to April 19.

We will offer you:

     Affordable entries

     Insane Service

     Delicious Snacks

If you have any questions call Ron Lien at 626 695-5409

If you need a partner call Marlys at 714 397-0341

                                     or Art at 714 742-4797

Our Friday events have been upgraded to Charity Pairs that will offer Regional rated points with no extra entry fees.

For those of you who want to practice your Mid Chart conventions you will be able to do so in our Sunday Flight A team game!

We will have pre-duplicated boards for the pair games and plan to start every event ON TIME so allow yourself the time needed to get there for an on time start.

If you need more info look under the Tournaments heading on the menu bar.

Good luck and win bunches of points!


Unit 513 BOD

Welcome to our revamped Web Site!

Linda Trent - Webmaster - (714) 875 4244

A big thanks to my brother for creating this Website for us.  He started out by downsizing his Chicago website which supports 50+ clubs.  If you see any references to Chicago on our site, don't worry, we will find them all and remove them.

This is a brand new site so there may be some unexpected problems. Please let me know and they will get fixed ASAP!

I hope you enjoy our new site!


If you want to Register to our site and your ACBL # is not in our Directory, please send an email to the site administrator with the following information:

First Name; Last Name; ACBL#; Telephone # (for the membership data base); and your email.  This site will never be used to blast email everyone. The email is needed when you sign up for the subscription service to have any game you played in automatically sent to you as soon as the results are published. The fact that you are registered also gives you access to the member directory which contains names and phone numbers of our members.

We have been fixing broken links. The link at the bottom of the page that says District 22 will now take you there instead of sending you off to District 13.



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